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  • All sales are final. 
  • This is a non-refundable course access fee. We do not offer exchanges, returns or refunds of any kind. All sales of products and services are final. All online students will have access to complete the course for 30 days from the date of purchase. It is the responsibility of the trainee to submit the application to the state of Tennessee, along with the applicable fee.

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Requirements for unarmed security guard registration:

Conviction of the following crimes shall disqualify an applicant subject to the conditions stated in this section: 

(A) Any felony; or

(B) Any misdemeanor involving:

          1. Shooting a firearm or other weapon 

          2. Shoplifting

          3. Assault and battery or other active violence against persons or property

          4. Crimes involving the sale, manufacturer, or distribution of controlled substances, controlled substance analogues, drugs, or narcotics

          5. Theft of property 

          6. Theft of services